June 24, 2017:

Killian has found his forever home with previous adopters of 12 y/o alum Rex. Although slowing down considerably, Rex will welcome Killian and show him the ropes, all the best places to fetch and find tennis balls, beloved to both of them. Killian, who loves the water, also has a pool to call his own.  This boy is an Olympic caliber swimmer, and spends a few hours daily there…he is in heaven!

Killian’s Rescue Journey: Say hello to beautiful Killian. Killian’s dad rescued him 3 years ago from a neglectful owner who kept him in the backyard-he had skin issues, was emaciated, and had had little to no socialization with people or other dogs. Unfortunately, his dad is a grad student, and he is heading back east, and knows Killian will not be happy spending long hours alone in a small apartment. He loves him very much, and he made the painful decision to ask us to find him his perfect home.