Kimchi – Adopted!

This sweet 3 y/o boy came into rescue when his owner realized that due her busy lifestyle she could not spend a lot of time with him.

Kimchi had been with her for only a month-prior to that, he had been in his last home for only about a year and spent most of his time there in doggy daycare, or relegated to the gated off kitchen all day while his owner worked. The first year of his life was spent in yet another home. At this point in his young life, Kimchi could use some routine and stability.

Kimchi is a playful, loving, affectionate guy who is housebroken, non-destructive and great with kids. He doesn’t have any bad habits when left alone and is past the chewing stage. He is good with most other dogs he meets at the dog park and while he walks very well on a leash, he tends to get easily distracted when seeing other dogs and may pull to get to them. This could probably be easily corrected through some formal training. Likewise, while he knows some basic commands, like sit, lay down, and high five, stay remains a work in progress.

Kimchi enjoys his walks, car rides, and tug of war with a rope toy. He loves his stuffed dog toys and his rawhides and craves being near and around his people. He has a sweet temperament, loves to give kisses and enjoys being showered with attention while being pet all over. He shows some mild curiosity towards cats, but has not tried to pursue or get at them.

Kimchi is looking for a home and family who will finally supply him with all the love and attention he has never yet had. He will be a great addition to almost any family.