Meet Kirby – Adopted!

Hi I am Kirby!

I am looking for my furever home. Please excuse the way I look right now. My former owners didn’t take good care of me and I got Demodex. But my hair is growing back and my foster mom says I am getting more handsome by the day.

I am only a puppy so am learning my manners (I am really smart!), I am pretty much housebroken but sometimes get distracted on my way outside.

I have lots of energy and am good with dogs, cats (still curious about them though) and I love kids but remember I am a puppy so I need supervision with them. So bigger kids would probably be better for me.

I love playing in the water and am good about playing by myself. My favorite toy is a empty gallon water jug.

Here’s a video of me playing with my big foster brother that you can watch:  Click here!

If you have completed your adoption process and would like to see if you would be my perfect forever family please email my Rep at

Kirby’s ID#2624