When I was first scooped up by the lovely lady from the rescue, I was covered in ticks and fleas which had made me quite sick. The bottoms of my feet were very sore and I’d also lost a nail.

After a couple of nights at the doggy doctors, that included lots of gentle pets and kisses on my nose, I began to feel better so I went to recuperate at a loving, caring foster home. My foster mum and dad tended to all my ailments with creams, lotions and love and now I am feeling completely better and very much looking forward to going to my forever family!

I have quite the fabulous colouring as I am blonde with golden highlights, some of you humans pay lots of money to have hair like me! I am very much a princess and I want my humans all to myself, so I’d really rather go to a home where I am top (only) dog –  pardon the pun. Additionally, getting this fabulous fur wet is not what princesses do, so if you’re looking for a swimmer I’m not it.

Sometimes I totally forget to keep my royal composure when I see you and my whole body wags with excitement if you left for 2 minutes or more. I also follow you everywhere, lay under your feet in the kitchen as you cook, and rarely leave your side.

I’ve lived with young kids and did wonderfully, but for my furever home I’d like those of the age who know to not lay on me or pull my ears or scream really loudly. I’ve had quite a rough life to this point and I’d really like to be treated gently and quietly.

I am a big snuggle baby – a typical velcro golden. I like to go on walks and play with my toys so those things are a must.