Koda Boy – Adopted!

Koda Boy came into rescue as a mouthy, jumpy, rambunctious 75 lb. puppy who had not learned his manners and was not a good fit for a family with a young child. BUT WHAT A CUTIE PIE.

In the first part of his life, he developed some headstrong tendencies and came into rescue thinking he was the boss. He is a big boy already and still has some growing to do. Needless to say, Koda needs a dog-savvy, energetic adopter who will absolutely commit to continue training this gorgeous wild child.

Koda is 99% house broken (and that 1% is probably human error, not Koda error). He is still learning house manners (staying off furniture, not counter surfing etc). He absolutely loves his toys. Bones and hooves are his friends but soft stuffies are meant for destruction. He is interested in balls, but will need training on retrieving and giving up the ball.

His new owner will need to keep teaching him that his chewies are for him and other things are not (he won’t be a good fit for households who leave shoes or slippers around). He loves his walks, but pulls like a tractor. He is gradually getting used to a chest harness and gentle leader but will need further training. He isn’t ready to be a jogging partner yet because of his youth but we can see that in the future that would be a great activity for him.

He was reportedly crate trained but has shown a very strong aversion to it in his foster home.

Koda is very, very affectionate, but kids over 12 please. He is just too big and strong for smaller children, he doesn’t understand how big he is and would bump little ones down. He gets along fine with his foster golden siblings, but even they disappear when they’ve had enough of his puppy energy. No small dogs or cats. As much as he gets along with larger dogs he would be just as happy with just a loving person around. He’d likely benefit from some occasional play dates with dogs his own size (and oh, can he play!).

Koda has been indoors most of the time in his foster home and has done fine for short periods left alone. He was outside for a few minutes alone and started to dig. This boy has an abundance of energy so he definitely needs someone home most of the time to be training and channeling that energy. He does settle nicely if one of his humans are nearby, and likes to be within petting distance of his foster mom or dad.

Koda is smart and showing that he can be trained. He needs a person with training experience who will be consistent, positive and of course loving.