I am one beautiful, playful puppy who just wants to please you! I do everything that puppies do like chew things, get into your stuff, and I occasionally have accidents.

I was kept outside all my life so I was never house trained, and I was never taught any commands or tricks. My foster mum and dad have been showing me amazing new things like tennis balls, chew toys, and their lush green grass where I’m learning I have to go potty!

My foster mum says I herd and am a little mouthy when you turn and walk away from me. I am really just trying to get your hand and lead you back to me, but sometimes I miss! I don’t nip hard, I just want you to pay attention to me, but small children may not be best in my new home. This is something many puppies do and it can be trained out. She also says I stick to her like glue, and when she sits down to work I will just plop down next to her and sleep – I’m quite calm for a puppy. I don’t bark, even when the doorbell rings.

In the yard I lay down and rest and enjoy watching everyone else. I’m great with other dogs, and while I’ve not been tested with a cat I appear to be the kind of puppy who would learn real fast to be sweet to them. I love tennis balls, and have been learning to chase those with my foster brother. I also like to swim in the pool with him. Being in the car is also fine with me. My new family must be willing to take me to training classes. I am super eager to please and I love training treats so I’ll learn fast, but training with patience is something that my humans need to be excited to commit to. I am going to grow into a big, wonderful, loving golden boy.