Kookie – Adopted

Kookie is a 5 year old compact English Yellow Labrador. She is a light cream color with a sweet face, medium energy with an adorable personality. She’s a bit short and stout (but solid) fireplug of a Labrador and weighs a 58lbs and stands 20” at her shoulders. Kookie also has a typical fat “otter” style English Lab tail that loves to wag like a metronome and has a blockier head.

She was left at the shelter by her family because they didn’t have time for her but at her previous owner’s home she gained perfect house manners, is perfectly house trained, non destructive and will not touch your shoes, socks or other clothes, perfect on a leash, and perfect with the other dogs in her foster’s home. Kookie also stays off the furniture and bed.

We suspect that her prior home was an apartment and she’s been living in a townhome in foster just fine. She prefers to be inside the home unless her people are outside in the yard with her. She is sweet, playful, cheerful, mellow and like her real name “Kookie” can sometimes be kooky. She definitely has a fun personality. She is also not a jumper so she will not jump on you or people she meets, but if you open the hatch to your SUV she’ll jump in from the ground. She looks forward for her multiple daily walks, dog parks or other adventures and she’ll ride very calmly in the car. She’ll even go on multi mile walks or hikes.

We’re not certain if she likes to swim but think she will take to water. She gladly jumps in the shower with the water running or sleep in the bathtub or shower or any other tight place where she feels safe. She hasn’t shown any prey drives and she’s met one cat and didn’t react at all so we think she’ll be fine with cats. She knows a few commands like “sit” and “come” and does not seem to have any instinct to run away from home. While with SCGRRescue, Kookie has shared her foster home with two other Goldens and was very dog friendly from the start, she seems more comfortable with smaller breed dogs but does just fine with larger dogs. She does love engaging other dogs in play and if any dog wants to play with her she’s always willing. Balls and stuffed animals are her favorite toys and she does like a good game of fetch.

We think that she was an only dog at her previous home, and can either be an only dog or have other canine buddies. She can sometimes be a bit vocal when she wants attention and will give a few whines sometimes to remind you that she’s around but she’ll rarely bark. She does like to be near her foster so expect her to be a bit of a Velcro dog and follow you around the house rather than being completely independent and lay calmly and contently at your feet. She has been going on multiple walks a day and we hope her future home will also take her on several walks daily and play fetch, tug of war, etc. Kookie would probably be good around children. If you would like to add this sweet, loving and sometimes goofy girl to your house and have completed your application and in home interview please send your inquiry to moritajenni@yahoo.com.

Kookie’s ID# 4737 and her Adoption Fee is – $400.00