Kopper is a fun lovin’ Lab ready to go whenever you are. While he will need (and want) daily ball throwing and aerobic exercise, he does settle down nicely. He will play with his stuffed toys, then nap on them, (he also likes the dirty laundry pile…) Kopper has excellent house manners, learns the routine quickly, likes to sleep in his crate in your room, and is eager to please his humans.

Do not look for this Labby to protect your property – he will just think the burglar is there to throw the ball for him. Kopper has been through professional training for leash skills, sit, stay, wait, leave-it, “dance for your breakfast” (ok, he made this one up on is own) and drop-it.

We are looking for an ONLY DOG (preferred), ACTIVE, EXPERIENCED person home who understands and loves strong, smart, active and happily excitable dogs. We would prefer a human open to working with a trainer also, to educate them about special dogs like Kopper who need dog-socialization and positive outlets for their energy. A large backyard is something Kopper likes also.

Please contact his Representative with SCGRRescue.org @ loriyalem@yahoo.com for additional information if you would consider adopting Kopper.

** Updated on all shots, Microchip registered, Neutered, healthy, well-loved, Martingale collar and leash + rescue tag.

Kopper is 3.5 years old and his adoption fee is $500.

Check out some videos of Kopper…