Meet Kurt and his new Family!

Hi, I am a delightful 3 year old boy. My screen name is Kurt but, my real name is Carter and I love to hear it. I come when called and will sit on command. I have wonderful house manners, leave peoples’ things alone and I enjoy the company of people and of other dogs, too.

Around the house I am an active wiggly boy with a lot of velcro tendencies. I also know how to relax and peace out. I like being near my people and getting their attention; I get along well at the dog park. I am learning about the leash, too. At first it was kind of strange to be connected to my foster mom, but she is patient and lets me smell stuff and I do not pull much at all.

I am playful but, when I arrived at my foster home I was a very timid and skinny young boy. Although I am making wonderful progress, I still have some insecurities. So, I am looking for a family to protect me and to help me continue to build my confidence that humans are not going to hurt me. I need to continue to have gentle, loving, playful encouragement to continue to blossom.

I am in SCGRRescue because my original owners turned me in to the pound and said that, I had “seizures” – 3 in 3 weeks. During the third “seizure” (they said) that I bit somebody. So, my humans instructed them to ‘put me down.’ Not sure what that means, but the Shelter Humans were much nicer to me.

They called SCGRR, and here I am in my super fun foster home! It’s been almost a month now since I was taken to the pound and so far: no seizures, no bites, no growls. Well, except for one big nip that I didn’t give; I got it from one of my foster brothers when I disrespected the pecking order. Now that he and I have an understanding, everything is o.k. All I really want is to be loved and to not have to be afraid any more.

If you have children, they need to be able to understand that, while I can play, run around and have a lot of fun, I would need them to be gentle when they touch and pet me. I am very happy with other dogs in the family and now I know how to be respectful when another dog ‘tells’ me that he wants to be the boss. And, yes, as you can tell from my pictures, I love Nylabones and tennis balls, too.

Kurt found his new forever home!