Meet L.B. Jack – Adopted

BIO UPDATE – 4/2/2019

Meet LB (real name Jack)

Yes, we know his ears look a little “girlish”, but still….aren’t they the cutest???

Poor guy was separated from his life-long mate in April 2018. She got adopted, and he was left behind, sad and alone. Jack is looking for his one-and-only person to go on nice long walks in the neighborhood. He loves to be by your side and lay on his soft bed. He’s a timid guy around other dogs, but he is friendly with all people. He wants his people home most of the time, but is fine if they need to leave. His previous family said he “chases cats”, but he’s never lived with them.   He is calm, low energy, low maintenance, and very sweet companion. He is smart and will benefit from someone who wants to take him on adventures and keep him stimulated and occupied.

Jack wakes up excited and ready for the day, usually around                7:30 AM. 

Jack does well in cars and is happy to go along for a ride wherever his humans are going. 

Jack is very polite with strangers when out in public places, he just needs to feel safe near his people. 

Jack sits still during grooming and puts up with bath time when encouraged by treats. 

Jack loves his dog bed and sleeps quietly through the night. 

Jack walks at a leisurely to moderate pace and does not often pull on his leash.

Jack can still be quite playful, especially when he knows he is about to get a walk. 

Jack loves a good chin and ear scratch.  

Jack is a sweet boy who just wants to be near his humans.   

Jack has exhibited resource guarding his human recently. We sent Jack to our trainer, Mark Tipton for an evaluation. While no guarding was observed by Mark, he did exhibit it in a foster home.  We recommend some protocols for his new family to follow always to keep the tendency in check. They are easy protocols to follow involving treats and timing we can explain to interested families. Jack was diagnosed in November with a fast heart rate and was placed on 80mg/day of Sotalol. He’s doing fine and all beats are regular now.                           

While he has a tendency to resource guard, Jack loves visitors and quickly gives them and “head between the legs” hug upon arrival. He’s not a barker, either.

If you are looking for a devoted furry companion, please inquire with LB Jack’s rep at Thank you for considering adopting a homeless senior Golden from Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue. Jack’s adoption fee is $300.

Jack’s # 4516

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