Meet L.B. (aka Jack)!

Meet LB (real name Jack) Poor guy was separated from his life-long mate in April 2018. She got adopted, and he was left behind, sad and alone. He’s again looking for his one-and-only person to go on nice long walks in the neighborhood. He loves to be by your side and lay on his soft bed. He’s a timid guy around other dogs, but he is friendly with all people. He wants his people home most of the time. He followed his mom where ever they go in the house…yes, there too. He is calm, low energy, low maintenance, and very sweet companion.

Yes, we know his ears look a little “girlish”, but still….AREN’T THEY THE CUTEST????

LB Jack was adopted in June of last year. Unfortunately, he has taken to growling at two of the other adults in the home. He’s decided that he only wants “Mom”. He goes for walks with “Dad” and watches TV and helps with chores. But Mom is his “main squeeze”. The issue is that Grandma doesn’t remember to let Jack know she’s coming in, and Jack gets spooked and starts growling at Grandma (and everyone else) and his growling scares Grandma. Jack seems to want only one person in his life, and he in theirs.

If you are looking for a devoted furry companion, and had your home interview with one of our volunteers, please send inquire with Jack’s rep at Thank you for considering adopting a homeless senior Golden.

The minimum adoption donation for L.B. (aka Jack) is $300.

Jack’s # 4516