Lady Marmalade – Adopted!

Lady Marmalade was rescued from a shelter when she was severely obese at 113lb. She has lost 17lb in the last month while in foster care! We are looking for a caring home for her that will absolutely commit to continuing her weight loss regiment.

Her weight is not helping her hip dysplasia, but her loving human will by taking her for short walks, no calorie hoarding treats, and feeding her correctly. Lady is house trained but she wants someone to be home with her all the time or who lives where the door to outside can be left open for her because her weight means she needs to do her business more often than a dog of normal weight.

Lady walks great, though she is a little bow legged at the back, and while she can get up stairs, she’d probably be better off in a one story home. She is super, super loving. We can’t stress this about her enough, if you will let her, she will sit or lay in front of you and you can pet her all day long!

She loves other dogs, cats are fine and kids are the coolest. Her best friend is a 5 year old boy – her human foster brother. You’ll see a couple of pictures below of the two of them that will melt your heart!

Lady is super calm, easy going, she has never dug anything in the yard, barked or chewed things that weren’t hers. She absolutely loves artificial or real grass and laying on it is amazing to her. It is quite a relief on her joints and the hard skin she has developed at her elbows. These need cleaning daily by the way just to be sure no moisture sits in the folds.

She will need to be on tramadol – an inexpensive pain killer – for the rest of her life. She would love to have a nylabone to chew on – that’s the only toy type thing she really loves. Other than that just being with you and following you everywhere will make her the happiest.