Lady Rose and Sir Marley – Adopted!

Meet Lady Rose and Sir Marley! They are approximately 6 yrs and 4 yrs old respectively. They have lived together for about 2 years, when their family no longer had the means to care for them and turned them into rescue to find a better life. We would like to find a family that can keep them together, especially for Marley’s needs. Together, they are easy dogs, keeping each other occupied with play, lounging, napping and a little more playing when they wake from their naps. Both love their walks, but clearly need more work with that. They also are learning that “counter surfing” is a NO-NO, but still test their foster mom when she’s not looking. However, they are grateful Goldens, and respond quickly to gentle correction. They love all humans, and greet other dogs very nicely.

Lady Rose’ job is “protector” and “the boss”, as she is the older, more confident one. Lady Rose is more secure with new situations and common noises around the home. She likes to nap in the other room while Marley plays with his younger foster brothers (those rowdy boys!). She watches over Marley, who is a bit more timid and afraid of new situations – Rose gives him confidence. And being the typical smart Golden, Rose has a habit of picking up her bowl after dinner and taking it to the sink for you. Marley will “do the dishes”. Please plan to have lots of TOYS for Rose to keep in her mouth, and be willing to give out lots of pets, ear rubs and brushing daily!

Sir Marley is only about 4 yrs old. He needs Lady Rose to give him confidence, as Marley is just getting used to all the new sounds that occur inside a human home – dishwashers, vacuums, hair dryer, the door bell, dropped dished or slammed doors – these things make sweet Marley cower. But he’s getting used to them and knowing that they won’t hurt him. However, he is not afraid of people even to the extent that “Velcro” could be his middle name. He will zip right over to get between you and Lady Rose for pets and kisses. He will jump for his food and to greet you. As we mentioned, he will pre-wash the dished if you let him..Obviously, he still needs reminders about good house manners, but he’s learning quickly. Marley LOVES to hang with his two foster brothers while the Lady is napping. He definitely likes to play and wrestle.