Meet Lambie and her new Family!

Hi, my name is Lambie. I am a flat coated retriever and probably 3 yrs old. I was found down by the Tecate border. I had just had puppies. They were unable to locate my puppies, but thank God they found me. I was in pretty bad shape. I had hundreds of ticks on me and a tail with a pretty bad infection. The vets decided it would be best to go ahead and have my tail taken off so the infection wouldn’t spread. I have healed up now and shown my true personality, so I am ready to find my new furever home.

I love my foster sister’s and brother’s. They have taken such good care of me and shown me its fine to trust humans. I always want to be around a dog and a kid, two of my favorite things. I love little kids, I always want to play with them, or just lay around them. I am really gentle with them and calm. I do however like to play with their toys and chew on them, so I need someone that can show me the difference between dog toys and kid toys. I also like to always greet my humans with something in my mouth, guess that is why I am a retriever. So, if you have shoes laying out I would recommend you hide them, otherwise I will hide them for you. I also like to sometimes chew shoes.

In fact I like to chew all sorts of things. I never really got to be a puppy, but now that I am feeling better I am making up for lost time. I also like to counter surf, in fact one time I got up on the kitchen table to get something! So, I have been working on my manners at my foster house, but I will need continued lessons. I would probably benefit from some training classes. I would even make a wonderful therapy dog because I am so calm and social around people. I would really benefit from someone being home most of the time, I like my human company a lot. I like my dog siblings too, they keep me company so I would love to be with another dog if I could. I really am not big into playing with them, but I like to sleep next to one almost all the time. I also like cats. There is a really nice one at my foster’s home and I love him. I like rabbits too, but a little too much, I want to eat them, so I would not be great in a home with a rabbit running around.

Lambie found her new forever home!