Meet Lan Lan and his new Family!

Meet Lan Lan, affectionately known as Laddie by his foster family! Laddie is a 10 month old bundle of joy, and a big bundle at that! He is incredibly sweet and unaware that he weighs in at 85 lbs! Since Laddie doesn’t really have a clue about personal space, humans in his vicinity need to be cautious not to get inadvertently knocked over. His foster family is working on this and his other manners, and reporting good success!

The great news is that Laddie is potty trained and crate trained! He appears to love everyone and every dog he meets. He can be a little too exuberant in initial greeting, so his foster family is working on sitting for greeting as opposed to jump up and bounce around. Laddie is slowly getting the hang of it. It helps that Laddie is incredibly eager to please, working happily for praise alone, although he is pretty partial to treats, too. He does not have perfect house manners yet. Laddie doesn’t get the concept of sliding glass doors and has run into one several times. His foster family is certain he would run right through a screen door as well. He does want to check out the counters, but is learning to stay out of the kitchen. He is still quite a chewer, mostly sticking to Extreme Kongs and Nylabones, but accidentally enjoying the corner of a coffee table, too. It is easy to forget with his size that he is still ALL puppy and needs continued supervision and guidance. Also on the training front, Laddie’s foster family is working on his loose leash walking skills. They highly recommend a Gentle Leader to help in this endeavor.

Laddie’s favorite activities include his daily walks, playing with his foster siblings, swimming and fetch! Laddie is an excellent retriever, but tennis balls are his favorite to retrieve on land. In the pool, Laddie will happily get anything, or nothing. He is not a graceful swimmer yet, but he truly seems to love it and it can be challenging to get him out of the water! Laddie is pretty sure that as long as a person is touching him, he is getting love. This is pretty nice for the humans in his life, as having his ears cleaned, nails clipped, being towel dried or even blow dried are all good things in his book!

Laddie shows a great deal of interest in cats, as in ‘chasing them would be really fun,’ so he will probably do best in a household without cats. Because he is so big and so strong, he would best in home with older children. He will occasionally bark at new things, like rolling luggage, but for the most part takes everything is stride. Laddie’s ideal home would include another canine friend, an active family, and a family with the time and patience to guide him though his upcoming teenage years. Laddie will definitely benefit from daily activity and continued obedience training. Laddie has the disposition of a perfect Golden: extremely loving, eager to please and energetic. He will become an ideal companion with patient guidance and love.

Lan Lan found his new forever home!