Meet Laney and her new Family!

Meet Laney, an adorable Golden mix puppy. We think she might be mixed with Collie, but she won’t tell us for sure! She may not look completely Golden, but one thing is for sure…Laney is pure Golden at heart. She is playful, energetic, eager to please and very affectionate.

Laney is your typical 5 month old puppy. Her potty training is going very well and she is crate trained, happily sleeping for 8 hours a night. She still has her puppy teeth, so she is teething. Her foster parents report no damage though, as Laney is more than content to chew on Nylabones and Kongs. She is good with the ‘sit’ command and is working on ‘down’, ‘shake’, and most importantly, ‘leave it’! In this phase of her development, Laney needs a family who is committed to giving her the structure, guidance and training that she needs. Her biggest challenge right now is figuring out that her food comes from people and she doesn’t need to protect it. Her foster family is working on this at every meal. It helps that Laney really wants to make her people happy and that she loves treats!

Laney enjoys going for walks, and her foster parents are having great success walking her on a Gentle Leader. She can get nervous meeting new dogs on the leash as she did not get much early socialization. When she gets nervous, she barks. She has multiple doggie friends now, and really enjoys romping about with her doggie foster siblings. Laney’s other great joy is, naturally, retrieving! Laney thinks playing fetch is just about the best thing ever! She loves being brushed, and usually just rolls over for a belly rub. She thinks cats are pretty exciting, but hasn’t met one up close yet. She also thinks crows and squirrels are pretty nifty, and she is learning to leave those alone as well.

Laney found her new forever home!