LB – Adopted!

“Looking for human cuddles, a furry companion and easy walks”

I know, I know… the ears…but I truly think they are one of my best features! Okay, so my given name is JACK! The Rescue had to call me “LB” (short for Long Beach, from where I was abandoned after 10 years with my one family and sweetie pie sister) Nope, I am not named after the president (aka LBJ)  but I do have a very regal air about me! Take another look at those fabulous one-of-a-kind EARS!

I am about ten years old and I was left at the shelter along with my sister who was adopted without me. I was heartbroken at first but then SCGRR came and saved me and brought me to my foster home. I liked being in a safe and loving home though I still missed my sister and the first couple of weeks I would howl pathetically when I was left alone. Now, I am King of the house and just hang out on my foster parent’s bed when they are at work, enjoying that queen size mattress. I will climb up on the couch on occasion, usually when called but that is not my favorite place. My foster mom thinks I was left outside most of the time in my former home and she can’t for the life of her understand why as I am an amazing house guest! I am house broken and not interested in wrecking anything although I did demolish a Honeybun that was left unattended on the counter. I really don’t like to go outside in the dark without you…so please be with me when I do my last peepee-break before bedtime.

I love my walks and even try to help to put my harness on! I prefer to do my potty business on my walk so you’ll need lots of those poop bags. I ride pretty well in the car although we don’t think I had much practice in the past.

I am just learning how to play with toys and a ball and I have discovered I DO like fetch, at least for a few minutes. Mostly, I just want to hang around with you while you do whatever it is you want to do.

I don’t care for cats or small dogs so none of those in the house, please. I would like another larger female doggy companion to hang with as well (maybe try to replace the sister I lost at the shelter). But I’m kinda picky…so we’ll have to meet first before I say “yes”. I get along fine with other dogs on walks, as long as they’re not real aggressive, and greet me slow and quiet. See, I’ve been a “one woman man” for all my life, until recently.  

My foster mom and dad love me very much and are very attached to me but want me to go to a home where someone is home most of the time and that will love me as much as they do.