Limon! – Adopted

Limon (means Lemon in Turkish) was found wondering in a village outside of Istanbul. Contrary to her name, she is a super sweet girl. Her foster family calls her “Willow”. She has a gentle, deliberate nature. She has a long and beautiful coat that will shine even more as she thrives with wonderful care in a home.
 Limon is a low energy dog. She gets excited for walks but not unruly in an unruly way. She has a wonderful trot and walks well on leash. She loves the car and will occasionally go up to a parked car during the walk as if she wants to go for a ride. She is housetrained and learned the doggy door her first day in foster care. Loud noises don’t appear to bother her and she has shown no indication of being skittish or frighten at all. Even the 4th of July didn’t seem to alarm her. Limon loves being in the company of her humans but she doesn’t need constant petting. She seems content lying under or near your feet. She enjoys attention, but she’s not very playful. We think she might have missed out as a pup and as a result, is slow to figure it out. We’ve seen initial instances of play with young or low-key dogs. She has just started to initiate and respond to play with other dogs after 7 and a half weeks in foster care. During play, she is submissive. Limon has is also just learning what toys are about. It seems as though the experience is new and she is curious. She does well with a Kong and will stay focused on it until she’s gotten all the treats out of it.
You can see Limon’s emerging personality in these videos:
Limon is very treat/food motivated. She takes treats gently and will sit and wait for her food. She did counter surf on one occasion early on (very stealth like), and while she seems okay now, we make sure we don’t create the opportunity. She knows “sit” and “shake”. She sleeps well. She would love to sleep in your room, on the floor or sometimes on a dog bed, near the foot of the bed. 
Limon will bark occasionally at other dogs through the screen door, or from the car – but it appears to be more of a “hey, I’m here’ type bark. 
She is a very calm, very pretty, a soulful girl who deserves a loving family. She would love folks to follow around and keep her company but she has also done very well at home on her own while her fosters are at work. Limon would do fine with children that are calm, knowledgeable of pets and respectful of her. Upon arrival, she was a bit cranky with her foster fur sibling but did start to play after several weeks. We hope with time, she will move from “coexisting” with another dog to developing a relationship if the personalities are right. She is fine with cats. We expect her personality to continue to blossom over time as she learns what life and love in a home is all about. She did great at one of our adoption events saying hi to the other dogs and also at an outdoor café for lunch one day.
 SCGRR successfully removed a low grade mast cell tumor from Limon’s neck with clear margins and no evidence in her lymphatic system. Her prognosis is excellent and her hair from the surgery is starting to grow back.
If you would think you are the one(s) for this sweet girl, and have completed your application and home visit please contact Nedra at

At 5-6 years old and as an international Golden, Limon’s minimum adoption donation is $800. International adoption amounts are higher to cover the costs of transport. She is worth every penny! 

Limon’s ID is: 4631