This beautiful girl is Lexus, a 2 ½ year old in pursuit of her perfect family.

She is a moderately high energy girl who needs lots of exercise. Even at nearly 89 lbs, Lexus is a complete wiggle butt who enjoys long walks and prances like a little lady with the help of a gentle leader.

Lexus is a happy and playful pup with good house manners. She loves toys, although she will tear apart plushy ones if allowed to. She also loves water and enjoys playing at the doggie beach, retrieving toys, and playing in the sand.

Lexus gets along well with other dogs, but hasn’t been tested around cats. She is housebroken and has been crate trained. She is vocal at times when she wants something, but not too frequently.

Lexus does have recurring allergies that need to be managed. We are looking for a family who will treat this lady of luxury as she deserves, including regular exercise (to help her lose about 10 lbs), continuing with her training, and most of all loving her to pieces.