Meet Lizzie and her new Family!

Lizzie was an owner turn in whose family was moving to a condo and could not take her. She is a happy, super playful girl whose family loved her enough to relinquish her to us rather than taking her to a shelter. Very early in our relationship she made it clear that her new home had to have a LARGE toy basket so she could go shopping and take every toy out one by one. A pool so she can lay on the steps and cool off her belly and paws after her walks, and most importantly a doggie playmate who has a similar amount of energy. Fortunately, we found her the perfect family! Long time Golden lovers Ken and Susan. They have a ton of toys (and just bought her a bunch of new ones), a pool she can go in whenever she wants, AND they have Johnny who is an adorable 3 year old Golden who wants to play just as much as Lizzie does! When they met, Johnny and Lizzie spent an hour wrestling and then following each other around every inch of the house and yard. Susan and Ken were ecstatic and fell in love with Lizzie instantly. Susan summed it up perfectly after meeting Lizzie by saying ‘I’ve wanted a little girl like her forever….so I’m over the moon about the whole thing!’
There was a lot of support for this adoption because of the cooperation of the previous family. We were able to understand her training and life style. The result is that the surrendering family knows their baby is safe and Lizzie has the perfect home for her.

Lizzie found her new forever home!