Loosey and Ricardo – Adopted!

Meet Loosey and Ricardo. This handsome duo are a bonded momma and son pair who were both brought in to the shelter as stray.

Ricky is a big lovable bear, good natured and happy-go-lucky. He came to us as at a whopping 125 lbs and is now down to a whopping 117 lbs. In his defense, he is what you could call a big-boned boy. Just more to love. Ricky will sometimes chase a ball, and sometimes even bring it back, but overall, he’s a pretty laid-back boy, who mostly prefers to just lounge and love. And love he does; cats, kids, his foster parents and family, but mostly, his momma.

That would be Loosey. Loosey is Ricky’s momma, and she sure lets him know it. If she decides his face needs washing, wash it she will and he will allow it without protest no matter how vigorous she is. Occasionally his ears get a good hosing down too. And if she decides that something he may be chewing on looks pretty appealing well, no protest there either.

Loosey is a hunter, always prowling the perimeter of the garden on the lookout for lizards and other critters. She will also catch flies, bees, even butterflies if they fly too close. Then, she will smile occasionally, as in “hey, did you see that?”

Both of these dogs are super friendly with people, and great with kids. They are good with cats, and love being brushed. They are non-destructive, can be left alone for long periods of time, and neither are big barkers. Both can sit, down and are starting to shake. They both still need work on their leash manners, but are getting better gradually. They are quiet, calm and pretty chill for the most part.

Loosey has some severe arthritis in her left elbow, and will need to continue on pain management meds to help with that. The vet has suggested that something like acupuncture or laser therapy would do wonders for her. Loosey is not very fond of other female dogs, preferring to be the only female around. Maybe she just doesn’t want any other ladies around her son.

Both dogs would need to continue on a weight loss and exercise regimen; Loosey to help control her arthritis, and Ricky to get him down to a more healthy body size, maybe another 15-20 lbs.