Lovely by name, lovely by nature!

Before I came into rescue, I didn’t know what a tennis ball, bone, or a toy was! My doggy doctor thinks I was either kept in a crate all the time or left outside, and the only thing I had to occupy me was the metal crate I chewed on for years to get out, or the rocks in the yard.

My British foster mom laughs and tells me I have British teeth because of this, so I can only eat soft canned food and treats – which, by the way, I LOVE FOREVER! It would be wonderful if you’d help me a little at dinner time by rolling my food into small meatballs, if only I had an opposable thumb and could use a spoon!

I am not going to jump up you, or our visitors, when I see you or you call my name but my tail is going to firmly wag so you’ll know I am thrilled to see you. In fact, my foster mum laughs out loud because I can be sound asleep but if she whispers my name or walks toward me, my tail will wag and clean the wood floors even though I don’t open my eyes. This is actually really special because it is thought that I was not treated very well wherever I grew up, I will flinch when you go to pet me until I trust you and know you’re not going to hurt me.

I am perfectly fine with other dogs, though I’m not one to run and play with them. I’m much more the reserved observer lying by your feet watching the excitement from afar. I ignore cats so it’s fine if my new home has them. I’m sweet as can be with kids, but I’m not going to chase balls or jump through hoops though I’ll sleep by their bed and watch over them at night.

My foster mum and dad have never heard me bark, or in fact make any noise. I didn’t know any commands at all but I’ve learned sit and my foster mum has me do that for my dinner and treats. I love to go on walks, and I will walk alongside you with or without a leash.

I am housebroken, and I don’t chew any human belongings. I’d love to be in a home where I can get lots of belly rubs, and kisses on my nose with rubs behind my ears. Someone with a gentle touch and a gentle voice who loves the true calm golden nature would be perfect.

And, finally, someone who can be with me most the time. I do not suffer from separation anxiety at all but now that I’ve been exposed to time with humans I really don’t want to go back to being left alone. I go to work with my foster mum every day which is an hour drive there and back so I’m great in the car and am the perfect office mate. My foster mum says I am the sweetest, kindest, most wonderful girl she’s ever known.