Meet Luca and her new Family!

Meet Luca, a beautiful red Golden in a very compact package! Luca came into rescue from an owner who could not properly care for her. She is a very petite Golden, affectionately referred to as Little Red in her foster home. Luca is both crate trained and house trained. She also has beautiful house manners. She does not climb on the counters or jump on the furniture, although given permission; Luca wants nothing more than to cuddle with you! Luca has some basic commands memorized, like “sit” and “down” and possibly “shake”. Luca has no concept of “stay”, “wait”, or “leave it” yet, but her foster family is working on that.

Luca is an incredibly people oriented dog. She loves everybody she meets and almost always sits politely to be petted. When she is really excited to see someone, she jumps straight up in the air near her, but not on the person. She is wonderful with kids, often sitting and leaning on them. In fact, to Luca, people are better than food and better than toys. We are pretty sure we would live on love if she could! The other thing Luca is interested in is her walks. She loves to walk and will pull without guidance to walk nicely. She doesn’t react to birds, bicycles, barking dogs or trucks. Her foster family did notice that she really wants to hunt and chase kitties, so a cat free home would be best for her.

In obedience class, Luca is a real charmer. She interacts beautifully with people and dogs of all sizes. Off leash and at home with her foster doggie siblings, Luca can be a little bossy. She will do best in a home with an experienced dog handler if she lives with other dogs. Luca is not really interested in playing with her foster doggie siblings. Mainly, she just wants people and love and love and love and then more love!

Luca’s ideal home involves a person or family with time for cuddle sessions and lots of walking! She is allergic to turkey, but seems fine with everything else. When she does eat treats, she thinks chicken liver is the best. Luca should have some additional training to enhance her interactions with her new family. Luca seems eager to please, is extremely responsive to verbal correction, and will try most things for praise. Getting into the car is still a little scary for little Luca, but once there, she lays down and rides like a perfect lady.

Luca found her new forever home!