Lucca – * Always in our hearts!

Hi everyone! My name is Lucca, although I don’t think that was my name before because it doesn’t sound familiar. I’m a red head who is only about a year old. I was a stray who ended up in a shelter in the Coachella Valley. Luckily, I didn’t have time to be too sad, because this nice lady named Lois got a call about me. She called another nice lady, Brenda, who came to my rescue! SCGRR found me a great foster home close by. My foster Dad has been so kind to me. He says I’m the sweetest dog you could ever meet. (those are his words so I’m not bragging!)
Dear SCGR Rescue, 
I met and adopted my sweet Hunter Bear 8 short months ago and I can say without a doubt, you helped me find my absolute best friend. I instantly fell in love with his sweet, huge heart and his big smile and from day one, the best words to describe Hunter are ‘pure joy’.

In late April just a few days before his birthday, I took him to the hospital because I could tell he wasn’t feeling well, and after fluid treatment and tests, I found out the worst news. My sweet boy had T-Cell Lymphoma. 

He was such a strong boy, and fought it for 5 months. Last week I lost my best friend to lymphoma. It’s taken me a week to write you this, because it’s one of the most heart-breaking experiences I’ve had, being without him. The 8 months I had with him were not nearly enough, but I am so thankful for the time I had with him. We found each other for a reason. We grew together, he made me laugh every day and made every single day brighter. His unconditional love and personality is something I will always cherish.
Life is not the same without him. I don’t have a sweet golden smile waking me up every morning, or a bark when someone is at the door, or all of his toys scattered across the living room when he just couldn’t decide which one he wanted to play with. I miss my best friend so so much. This is one of my favorite pictures of my sweet Hunter Bear. I love Hunter with all of my heart. Thank you SCGR Rescue for helping me find my best friend.