Meet Lucee!

Meet Lucee – an 8-year-old cuddle bug who loves people! Lucee was surrendered to the rescue when her owner moved into a retirement home which didn’t allow big dogs. Lucee is the perfect balance of playful and cuddly. She loves her toys and will bring them to her people first thing in the morning to say, “Wake up and play with me!” She also loves to play “keep away” after a few rounds of fetch and will scamper happily away from you, tail wagging the whole time.

Lucee loves people and will sweetly approach them on her walks to ask for pets. She walks well on the leash and greets dogs appropriately, but is not particularly interested in them after the initial hello sniff. Lucee bonds quickly to her humans and wants to be as close to them as possible- a true Velcro golden. She loves to put her head in your lap, on your tummy, wherever she can get the best angle for pets and cuddles. We suspect that Lucee has had a difficult time before coming to SCGRRescue, as she has very few teeth left and will need softer foods that are easier to swallow. She also seems to have some cataracts that make it more difficult for her to see in the dark. Lucee is not destructive when left alone, but would prefer to have her humans at home most of the time.

Although we think Lucee would get along with other dogs and cats, we think she would prefer to be the only dog in the house so that she can soak up all the love and attention she likely has missed before coming into rescue. If you have completed the adoption application and your home interview and think you are the perfect match for Lucee, please contact her rep, Jenni at Lucee’s adoption fee is $350.00