August 20, 2017

Luckie now has the perfect home and family! A one level home, a cat for companionship, a family committed to continuing his rehab, and a super hero dad with physical strength to help him when the time comes or to lift him out of the car. Luckie lives up to his name, although his family feel they are the lucky ones!

Luckie’s Journey: Luckie was an owner surrender who was born with a shortened leg.  At the age of 9 y, his owner was moving to a two story home which he couldn’t navigate so she contacted SCGRR. He was a healthy boy in most aspects but had a lot of arthritis and was overweight – having been left to pretty much lie around given mobility challenges. He was an excellent candidate for a prosthetic as he kept trying to use the bum leg and no surgery was required. We paired that with some physical therapy to build muscle in the correct way and relieve some of the tension that had been building over the years. Within a few weeks, the transformation was incredible. Luckie went from hobbling and tapping the bum leg to confidently walking on the prosthetic and actually trying to run at times!