Hi my name is Luka and I am looking for my furever home.

My story starts when my “owner” left me at the shelter. An Angel for the SCGRRescue came and got me and took me to a nice foster home. My first foster mom found a lump on my leg and I think maybe that is why my owner left me. The Vet said that it was osteosarcoma and the decision was made to amputate my front leg.

I have been in foster since October of last year. I have a really pawsome foster home and I know my mom loves me but this week we got some really good news. I went in for a check-up, xrays, bloodwork the whole dog biscuit and guess what??? They said I am cancer free now!! Not a hint of it in my whole beautiful golden body! So my foster mom says I can go and find my furever home and wanted me to make my wish list so here it is!

I want to be the only dog. I live with a big dog and a couple puppies and little dogs just bother me. I have some foster cats too and they are ok to be around. Since I am not a young whippersnapper and a tripawed stairs would be hard for me all the time. I do like to try to jump in the car and can do it from the curb but my mom likes me to use a ramp. I am a total love bug and want to be able to cuddle with my human. I sometimes want to sleep with my mom and she says that’s ok. But I do also have my own bed so I am cool with that too. Oh and I like to sleep in so my foster mom lets me unless we are going for a ride in the car. I am always up for that! I walk great on the leash but really like it when I can carry it on my own but don’t be fooled by me only having 3 legs, I am very fast! I am not big on toys but love to crunch a tennis ball every once in awhile. Oh and did I tell you I love to swim? Yup but only if someone is watching me to help me in and out. (The pool I swim in now has a beach opening so I can just hop in but a regular pool would be ok with supervision)

You will have to be able to take me for a checkup about every 6 months to make sure I am still ok and my foster mom has me on some special supplements to help me stay healthy. I even come with my own Facebook page so you have to promise to let me on the computer so I can keep my friends updated on how I am doing (plus I have some really cute chicks I like to Woof at).