My name is Macee. I came into rescue because my humans of 7 years didn’t want me any more. They dropped me off at a shelter and left! A very nice volunteer called SCGRR and they came to my rescue within a few hours. I am so grateful!

I settled into my foster home nicely….kind of like going on a vacation. But, after 3 or 4 days, I realized I wasn’t going home and I wouldn’t be seeing my humans again. This made me sad. I am beginning to cheer up and have great hopes for my future.

As you can see I am a lovely lady, 9 year old lady and I am active. I have had some training and know my manners. My foster Mom says, “almost turn key”, what ever that means. I have learned all about the doggy door. I walk nicely on the leash, twice daily, and I am eager for car rides….Pet Co is great! I am always up for playing ball and I love my toys and share fairly well.

I like it when the grandkids come because they give me a lot of attention. I am not needy but I admit I like to have hugs and loves.

There are six other dogs here and we do fairly well together. Occasionally I guard my space, especially if there is food around. I think I would really like to be the only dog and not have a lot of competition. It would really be great to have my humans to myself again. In return, I would I love you and be your most loyal companion. Just in case it’s an issue, I will chase cats!