MacKay was brought into our rescue as a stray from a local shelter. Are you looking for a sweet, typical velcro golden? Then MacKay is your guy!! He is a very cuddly and loving boy who wants to be your shadow. He’s a little slow to greet strangers, but once you’ve been accepted in by his human, then he begins to warm up and loves attention. And speaking of attention, his favorite kind is belly rubs!!

MacKay is an easy going dog who loves his walks and exercise but is also perfectly happy to snuggle on the couch or lay around with his ball. Balls are a popular item with him, and you will always find one close by, even while he’s sleeping. He likes his toys, but his balls are where it’s at for him! He is always very close to where his people are – you’re cooking…. he’s there, you’re watching TV… he’s there, you’re in the bathroom… he’s there!

MacKay’s house manners are good – he is house trained, he only counter surfed once (although his foster mom doesn’t leave food sitting around), he is a good sleeper at night and sleeps in his foster’s bedroom (on the floor), he is not a barker, and does not have any separation anxiety. He does need to learn some basic commands and some good leash training as he does sometimes pull.

Because MacKay is a little skittish and doesn’t love chaos and loud noises, we are looking for a family with older kids who can help provide a more calm atmosphere, or even a family with no kids would be fine. He will need regular daily walks as he is a medium energy dog and enjoys getting out. He would also love a yard to run around and play ball in.