Macon – Adopted!

Meet Macon a.k.a. Max. He is an affectionate, happy go lucky puppy looking for a very special family to call his own.

Max is a very well trained, happy puppy who lives for his people. He listens very well and has great house manners. He is house broken, crate trained, leash trained, knows how to use a doggy door and knows many commands.

He is a typical Velcro Golden who would rather be near his people than anywhere else. He wouldn’t be happy in a home where he would be left alone for long hours but would do fine if left for around four hours a day.

Max is still a puppy and has a lot of energy. He does well with other dogs but older or less patient dogs may have a hard time with his energy level. He wants to play! He does well with children and has a very good idea of his size and movement and, he rarely jumps up. He would not be very prone to knocking down small children but accidents can happen. He would be a great family dog for a variety of homes including those with children ages two and up.

Max is very affectionate and loves giving kisses! When he’s excited, which is most of the time, he will shower everyone and everything with kisses. “You’re putting on shoes to take me for a walk? I will kiss you! And your shoes! And your feet! And your socks! Look! The leash! I will kiss it!” If you don’t like puppy kisses, Max is not the right boy for you. He wants to show everyone how much he loves them! This can become annoying to older and less patient dogs. His Golden foster brother has not been impressed by the affection and avoids him but his foster sister loves the attention and play time.

He should not go to a home with children under two because they cannot let him know when they’ve had enough. Consideration should also be given to any allergies in the home. Saliva is an allergen so if there is a slight dog allergy, symptoms will be more evident with Max around.

Max is not a mouthy puppy. He is just very affectionate. He has a very soft mouth, takes treats carefully and is aware of his teeth when showering his special people with love. He has not destroyed any of his foster’s belongings and shows a great deal of restraint in the house. He follows his people around and loves to lean on them. His favorite place to sleep is right next to his people. He has a pure Golden heart full of love.

Max is not cat tested or tested with small dogs. He has lived with a bird but his foster has not observed this and cannot give an accurate assessment of that living arrangement.