Hi! I’m Maddox and I’m perfectly imperfect! I was found as a stray and taken to the shelter. I have no clue why no one came to claim me, but I luckily received a warm welcome from the folks at SCGRR. They think I am almost 1 year old, I have beautifully awkward red curls, and I am all puppy! I LOVE to play and have fun. I get along great with everyone I meet (dogs and people). My absolute favorite is to have a long play session with my foster brother and/or sister and then curl up for a good nap. I prefer to nap on the sofa but as long as someone is in the room with me, the floor is fine too and I’m happy!
When I first arrived at my foster home, I had no idea what a pool was. After a little while, I tried it and now, I like to stick my legs in to cool down.  I also like to toss a toy in and retrieve it.
To be honest, I don’t have very good manners. I’m still young and no one has really taught me right from wrong. I enjoy jumping up on people to greet them and I’ve become great at stealing things off the counter. So far, I’ve eaten 2 pens, shredded some unimportant mail, eaten a package of baby wipes, enjoyed some gummy bears, and (score!) was lucky to eat a bag of dog treats. I tried to eat my foster dad’s car key, but I got caught. I guess I could use some help in teaching me what acceptable behavior is.
Like I said before, I love people. I love to cuddle, play, wrestle, you name it! I will do great with kids but probably best to make sure they are dog savvy kids. I’m a little “mouthy” when I play, and I don’t want to accidentally hurt someone or have someone think I am trying to hurt them-I would NEVER intentionally hurt anyone, as I am a lover, not a fighter.
Running free and chasing balls makes me super happy. At home, I like to play with toys. When my foster brother and sister get tired of playing, no worries I have no problem continuing to play by myself. I just like to have fun.
I think of myself as fully potty trained but I have had a few accidents in the house – not a big deal and I hope it’s not a ( big) deal breaker. I know it’s wrong but when I play so rough, I just don’t realize how bad I need to go. If my foster mom stays on top of my bathroom needs, I know to go outside and do my business.
I am a good eater! Despite my small frame I love food and I adore any kind of treat, although I’m not very gentle about taking treats from someone’s hand. I just get so excited about the treat that I forget to be gentle about it.  I am young, and I will need help there and I for sure don’t mean any harm whatsoever!
 I don’t really like to be left alone much. Fortunately, my foster mom and her kids were around a lot over summer break. It was great for me! When they did leave, I would sometimes scratch the door. I wouldn’t do it for very long because I know they are coming back, but I just prefer to have my people around.
I hope whomever adopts me allows me to sleep in bed with them.  I’m so tired at the end of the night that I like to jump up on the bed and “spoon”. So please let me sleep with you. It makes me happy and makes me feel secure, and I just want to be with you, my human(s). If you are looking for a playful, goofy, loveable, young pup, and you think you can give me the time and attention that I need, then I am the perfectly imperfect dog for you! 
Please contact and let us know about yourself and why you think you can provide the life Maddox needs, All interested parties must have completed the application process, which includes an in-home interview, in order to be considered for this young, sweet boy-no exceptions.

At 11 months of age, Maddox’s minimum adoption fee is $800

Maddox’s ID# 3243