Meet Maggy!

Maggy is our incredibly sweet 8 year old Golden Retriever and she is about 62lbs   She’s a medium energy Golden girl that loves people and dogs.  Her tail is always wagging and she’s a happy girl who is very loving and trusting companion.   We don’t know how she’ll do with cats but we think it would be ok.   She’s lived in foster homes that had both dogs and no other dogs and did great in each situation.  She is so sweet with her shy foster sister dog, we feel Maggy would really enjoy having another nice, friendly but not too active pup as a roommate.

In a recent exam, our vet noted some irregular heartbeats which are the very beginnings of heart disease. She outwardly shows no signs at all of heart disease with her vibrant personality and this medical issue was caught very early but our vet has   prescribed medications which she should be on for her lifetime. She can live a normal life but our vet would not recommend strenuous hikes but she can definitely do her normal walks and light exercise and dog play.

Maggy will thrive in either an apartment setting or home and with or without another calm mannered dog.  We don’t recommend that she be left alone for more than 5-6 hrs during the day without access to go potty.  She’s housetrained, and also non destructive.  She will sometimes give you an indication if she needs to go out to potty.  She prefers to sleep on the couch or besides you on your bed. She knows some basic commands like sit and paw but could benefit from some more training to get her to learn some commands such as “stay”, etc.   She’s good on a leash, does not pull and really enjoys her walks, meeting new people and other dogs.   She is good with kids but will steal their food if the opportunity presents itself.   Sometimes, she’ll also get excited and jump on her humans and up to the kitchen counters.

Maggy’s personality is adorable. When you’re cooking in the kitchen she’ll do a cute little shuffle to try to get a snack.  Maggy “talks” when she is ready for her dinner and she knows you’re preparing her food! It’s pretty cute and she is so excited!

When she goes for her walk, she enjoys meeting new people and is quite friendly.  Inside the home she is not a barker.    Maggy wants a family to take her on walks, socialize with her, and allow her to be part of their lives in every way.  The more human time for Maggy the better and the more toys and treats, the better.

If you feel that you have the perfect home for our sweet and loving Golden girl, let us know why you’re interested in her and write us an email at

At 8 years of age, the minimum donation for Maggy is $300.

Maggy’s ID # 5027