Magneto – Adopted!

Meet Max, the most awesome golden retriever ever! Max found his way to rescue after losing his family of 12 years, the only family he had ever known.

This effervescent senior defies his age and loves to be a part of the action. Road trips, daily walks, trips to the park, work with mom, swimming at the beach, Sunday barbeques, oh and hanging out at the local wine bar. Yep, this gent is well rounded and well behaved.

Max is housebroken, good with kids and dogs, has not been tested with cats, and is in great shape considering (yes) the numeric value of his years.again, divide by two please, he is not your couch potato. Aside from a bit of arthritis that plagues everyone in their advanced years and a few fatty lumps, Max is in perfect health. He does need to watch is treats and lose a few pounds but regular exercise has jump started his weight loss already. For a glimpse into Max’s journey with us, click here

When Max came to us he was freshly shaved down, most likely due to poor grooming practices which is why he is rocking the lab-coat but in a few months we anticipate his golden flowing locks to return. He is a sweet, gentle, loving boy looking for his ‘rest of his life family’ to spend his glory days.