Meet Magnum and his new Family!

Magnum with his gorgeous face and golden disposition was at a shelter in one of the worst areas. We made sure to be at the shelter first thing the morning that Magnum was due out, to ensure that our rescue could save him. He was awarded his great name due to his large, magnificent head!

Any home would be lucky to have this wonderful boy and along came the perfect one. His new family saw his picture and their hearts swelled with love. They knew he was dream dog. Their only requirement was that he be affectionate and like to cuddle on the couch to watch television. Well, Magnum is about the best at cuddling and watching tv and hugging and getting kisses.

Magnum went from dumped to cherished in less than a month. Don’t you just love it when a plan (or adoption) comes together.

Magnum found his new forever home!