Hi there, they call me Maloney. I am one of the sweetest goldens you will ever meet.

I am all puppy and very playful. I love to chase tennis balls, or carry any other toy in my mouth. I love other dogs, if you have a friend for me that would play with me a lot that would be great. It would be ok to have a dog a tad older to help teach me dog manners. I have brought the puppy out in all 3 of my foster siblings.

I love kids of all ages. I tend to knock over smaller ones because I get so excited to see them, so I should probably be with kids 7 and up. I love cats almost a little too much. So ideally I need a house with no cats, or a cat that is very dog savvy. I don’t do well with little house pets though, I am pretty prey driven.

I could really benefit from some trainning classes. I am very smart and learn super quick. I am almost completely housebroken, just a couple accidents. I would really love to have my owner home a lot to keep me company. Also because I am still very puppy acting I like to chew stuff and don’t want someone getting upset at me.