Mango – Adopted!

Meet Mango, who was turned in to rescue by his owners who were unable to properly care for him. Apparently, Mango was an impulse purchase, and his prior family was probably not very equipped to handle him from the beginning, something we are very used to here at rescue.

Mango has spent a lot of his time alone. In his prior life, he lived outside during the day and the garage at night. This has resulted in a somewhat needy golden retriever with very minimal training. He is (mostly) potty trained-he knows to do it outside but has had a few accidents in the home. He will counter surf if left unchecked, snatch laundry, preferably dirty, even steal food from your hand if you are not paying attention. He needs work on his leash manners-he has none, as he has never been walked much. And he is very stubborn-he will sit on command if he thinks you will reward him with a treat or ball, but otherwise usually not. He responds to his name but doesn’t always come-see above re being stubborn. He will also bark at you till he gets what he wants-again, see above re stubborn.

On the positive side-he is ridiculously smart. And he loves to be rewarded, so training him should be relatively easy. He is a huge cuddler-he will jump up and lay on top of you if you are in bed or on the couch. He loves to sleep curled up as close as possible to you and has zero sense of personal space. He gets along great with other dogs and shows no toy or food aggression with the two resident goldens. He loves kids-he is living with 3 teens now and he gets super excited when they come home from school. He is ball obsessed-his favorite thing is to roll the tennis ball under the couch and bark at his foster mom till she gets it out for him. Then he does the whole thing over again-that never gets old (hmmm, on second thought, this might belong in the negative column, above).

Mango is a great dog that no one has ever had the time or inclination to invest any time or effort in to. He desperately wants attention and a family of his own. He would do best in a situation where there is someone around most, if not all of the time, like a stay/work from home mom or dad. A playful canine companion and a few kids to call his own would also probably be on his wish list. We do not know how he would do with felines, as he has not met any, but he has shown a lot of interest in the pet bunny in the home.