Mango – Always in our Hearts

Update 1/11/19

“It is a with a very heavy broken heart that I tell you Mango crossed the rainbow bridge today. Please do not be sad for him. He is running around heaven with the worst case of the zoommies. He can see and he is not in pain. Please do not feel sorry for us. We were blessed with the sweetest dog for two years.

We will remember our time with him fondly forever. So many wonderful memories. He was amazing.”

Mango is a sweetie who is very loving, affectionate and gentle-natured. He is very mild mannered and is happy just hanging around. He loves stuffed animals and squeaky toys. He also enjoy tennis balls, but only to chew! He does well with other dogs and is more submissive with them than being the alpha dog. He doesn’t enjoy being outdoors unless someone is with him and is good about going out when he is told to do his “business” and is learning quickly to be potty trained. He is very affectionate and makes silly grunting noises when he’s happy.