Meet little Mara, otherwise known as “Miss Personality Plus.” Mara is proof positive that big things (like her personality) can come in small packages. Mara loves to greet her humans in the mornings and when they return home from outings with lots of different vocalizations to show her excitement. She likes to carry her leash around in her mouth and take herself for a walk; and she also uses it as security blanket when she settles down for the night. Mara is a Velcro dog who gives you her dainty paw when she wants your attention, while she looks up at you lovingly with her large and beautiful brown eyes. She is house-trained, walks well on the leash, and well behaved in her foster family’s home.

Mara loves her human foster brothers, and would enjoy a home with gentle children over the age of 7. She has demonstrated a high prey drive, so we recommend no other creatures (cats, birds, bunnies, etc.) in the home with her. Mara doesn’t like to share her things with other dogs, so she would be happiest as an only dog. If she meets dogs out on the street, she is okay if they are polite. A quick sniff and a hello is fine. Little yappy dogs must not be allowed to get up in her face, as she will react.