This sweet girl was turned in by her owner because she was not getting the attention she needed. It was very brave of them to realize that, as painful as it was to give her up, it was the best thing for her.

Marble is a typical fun-loving golden that loves to play as you can see however she does not really fetch or play tug of war. She does like to carry things around in her mouth and will bring things to you throughout the day that she thinks you might need! She does not chew or destroy anything though.

She is good with kids and if introduced properly is okay with other dogs. She is a bit protective of her precious humans so kids over 8 would be best.

Marble spends her days under her foster mom’s desk and that’s just what we see as her best fit – someone who is home most of the time and is looking for a fun Velcro girl. She is also prone to licking her paws (probably an allergy) so someone willing to care for her and make sure she continues to be monitored and treated is a must.