Margaret Thatcher – Adopted!

This little ball of fire is Maggie, a golden lab mix, who takes happiness to a whole other level. She is super sweet, loves, loves, loves her people and is an all around terrific pup. Maggie is housebroken, never barks, and has excellent indoor manners. Well, every once in a while she sneaks a peek to see what is left on the countertop.

Maggie loves her walks and does her very best, she does not pull at all. She always has to say ‘Hi!’ to passers-by, both two legged and four so be prepared to meet EVERYONE in your neighborhood. Maggie takes treats gently, has absolutely no resource issues, and is great with dogs and children (although little ones may be bowled over in her enthusiasm) but no cats please. She thinks they are made to chase purely for her enjoyment.  She does everything with gusto, a smile in her heart, and with a constant wag of her tail (yes, chasing cats included).

Maggie loves to play ball, Frisbee, and although she has never been to the beach with us, we are betting she will love the water. Just check out how much fun it is to hang out with Mags: Click Here!

Maggie is smart! She knows a few commands and a quick study. Yes, Maggie has a lot of energy when romping and playing with other dogs but she settles quickly. Although she can be Velcro at times, she is very well behaved when left home alone. She has never been destructive in the home or yard (with the exception of her toys, note the plastic wiffle ball in the pictures). She rides well in the car, always up for a road trip, and has excellent café manners in case a walk to Starbucks is your morning routine.

Maggie is looking for a home that can provide her with her daily walks or hikes, play time in the yard, snuggle time when catching up with your favorite shows in the evening, and most of all lots and lots of love and attention.