Meet Margarita and her new Family!

Hello everyone! My name is Margarita, so my foster mama and papa call me Rita – I like it! They took me to the doggie spa today and boy does my coat feel good now! No more tangles and so soft. The nice vet lady said I am a mix of probably a Great Pyrenees, Golden Retriever and maybe some husky, or white shepherd, but that I’m a very sweet girl, and will make a loyal family dog. I weigh right at 50 lbs. and get along just great with my foster sisters, but I kind of like being the leader of the pack, and will do fine if you have a spot for one dog in your family. I love going for walks on the leash, and rides in the car.

Kids are great too, but kitty cats make me want to chase them. You should hear what they say to me! Did I mention that I got my hair done today? Isn’t it pretty…very soft and fluffy -I am very affectionate and love to be with my people. A doggie bed on the floor in your bedroom is so wonderful!

Margarita found her new forever home!