Mario – Adopted!

 Well, he’s back. Say hello again to sweet Mario, or Henry, as everyone knows him. He may look familiar to some-he graced the pages of our site not long ago, and was adopted by a lovely family with two small children. They were immediately smitten with him, as were their kids, only to find out that their two year old son had severe allergies to dogs. They were all heartbroken, particularly Henry, even after only a very short time, and he was tearfully surrendered back to us. We did find out many more things about Henry, that make him all the more wonderful than we originally thought: He is absolutely superb with children, and has the patience of Job. The kids spent hours brushing him, petting him, throwing the ball for him, laying on top of him, and he loved all of it! He went to the dog beach, the dog park, the farmers market, and greeted and socialized with all humans and canines that he met-he has always been, and remains, a perfect gentleman.