Marley – Adopted

This is Miss Marley! Marley is a beautiful 7-year-old golden retriever, relinquished by her owner who could no longer take care of her. Marley came to us with some skin issues caused by fleas. Her fur was shaved in a couple of spots to facilitate healing, but the fleas are gone and her skin is healing nicely! She is approximately 65 pounds and is a total sweetheart.
When the fosters first introduced Marley to their home, she was sweet, yet shy. She was given a tour of the house, yet she was content on taking the couch for herself. Marley wasn’t too interested in playing with the foster’s other dogs and she let them know assertively by barking, and they respected that. Marley began slowly exploring the house and the fosters praised her, yet she would run to the couch when seen walking around. By the third day, Marley felt more confident and decided that she would be spending the night with her fosters on the bed! It’s been such a treat to watch this little girl develop and see her personality and her confidence grow. Now, Marley is quite happy exploring the entire house, lounging on the sofas and chairs, greeting them at the door and even wrestling with her big fur brothers.
Marley is sweet and loving and loves to give kisses! Not overly so, but she definitely will let you know that she cares. She was nervous when the fosters first received her, but she did not exhibit any negative characteristics like fear biting or growling. If she is unsure about a situation, she will retreat. In the beginning, Marley was a huge couch potato, but now she is playful with other dogs. She is more of a low energy to possibly medium if she feels playful. She hasn’t shown any aggression with people but can be assertive with other dogs when she is not interested in playing. Marley is extremely loyal and adores her humans. She likes to follow her foster mom from room to room and keep tabs on her so she is definitely velcro. Once she has spotted her, she will find her favorite spot in that room and relax once again. She is social with people and may bark at them in the beginning just to let them know that she is watching them, but easily gives in with some pets and belly rubs. She can play with other dogs but it may take some time to warm up to them. She certainly enjoys herself and is more on the submissive side when playing. But the fosters don’t feel like another dog would be necessary for Marley.
She doesn’t really pay attention to toys of any kind. At times, she will play with a tennis ball and other times the fosters will throw the ball for her and she is not interested. She likes to choose her toys and play with them when she feels like it. She truly loves her walks and she does a nice job of walking on the leash. She can also sit and lay down on command, with a little help of a treat as a reward. She eats well and, like most dogs, does a bit of begging. At times, the fosters have seen her counter sniff but she is easily corrected when she is caught. She is always gentle when taking food from the hand.
Marley is house trained and does well in cars. In the beginning, she loved jumping into the car but jumping out was another story. The most recent car trip was much more successful with her jumping in and out on her own. She greets her fosters with some barks and cries when they come back from running errands and also barks when she hears something or someone outside. She is trained on sit and down and walks well on a leash but doesn’t know stay so if that is important it may be a good idea to conduct some basic training.
She enjoys staying inside the house or outside, as long as she is close to her human. She does well on her own and doesn’t destroy anything and she definitely lets you know that she is happy to see you when you return.
We feel that Marley would do well with a family that is semi active. She most likely would do well with children because of her personality, although the fosters have not brought her around children to know for sure. She doesn’t need another dog, but we feel that a family that will spend a lot of time with her and take her places would be ideal and not leave her alone for more than 4 or 5 hours at a time.
If you feel you are the perfect family for Marley, have completed an adoption application with our rescue and have already had your in-home interview (as you cannot be considered until you do so), please write to her rep at
Marley’s ID # 2204 and Adoption Fee is $350.
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