Meet Marta!

Meet Marta! She came all the way from Turkey to find a wonderful home in the U.S. After she arrived and we got to know her a little better, we realized that this young baby was probably abused in the past and is now afraid of and distrusting of people. It is very sad to see a puppy that has been through so much already, so we are looking for an owner who is willing to work with her and earn her trust.
Since her arrival, she showed some aggression – like guarding her space, guarding her food, toys, or anything that she has near her; if you get close, she growls and might bite. After putting her in an experienced foster home, we realized that even though there are some issues there, it is possible to stop those behaviors, so we are looking for that special experienced person who will be patient with her.
Other than her guarding issues, she is a happy girl, affectionate and wanting to please and play. She is crate-trained and, due to her issues, she needs to sleep in her crate at night – which she doesn’t mind at all! She loves going outside for walks, but does pull on the leash, so she will need some leash work. Because she doesn’t like to share her toys she will need a home where she is the only dog. She also absolutely needs a home with NO children.
If you feel that you have the experience and caring patience to help Marta be that wonderful dog that we know she can be, please send an email to her Rep, Lori, at
Please make sure you have filled out an online application and have had your in home interview!
Marta’s ID # is 4719 and her donation amount is $400.