Meet Marta!

Hi, my name is Marta. I asked my Rep if I could update my bio so I could tell you more about me.  As you might have read in my last bio, I came from Turkey last November. My owners there didn’t want to take care of me so they dumped me on the streets. I was only 6 months old at the time and it was very scary for me to live alone and try to find my own food and shelter. I was very happy when I was finally rescued and brought to the states.

I’m told that puppies need to be taught rules and boundaries in order to feel safe… but I didn’t get taught any of that, so it’s hard for me not to be afraid that I will end up with nothing again. My Rep and trainer say that I am like a 2 yr old toddler who has a tantrum when I want to keep something I think someone might take away – sometimes it’s just a rock, or piece of bark, and sometimes it’s yummy treats or my crate.  I have not bitten anyone, but I they say I do look very scary when I growl and bare teeth during my tantrums. My foster and trainer are teaching me that it’s ok to give up things I want in exchange for treats.

I hope that I can find an adopter who has had some experience with a pup like me! I know that I need a lot of practice learning how to trust that I don’t need to guard objects I value, but I also know that I will be a great dog for someone who’s willing to work with me on it!

I really love people a lot… I love to be pet, and I often roll over in hopes of getting belly rubs! I am pretty velcro and want to be with my people as often as possible. I have gotten along with all the dogs I’ve lived with here in the states too! I was afraid of the one cat I have met but I might be able to make friends with a cat eventually.

I LOVE to play ball! I play fetch well and have even learned to let the person throwing it have it once I’ve brought it back! I like to go for walks too and am not bad on the leash.

Here are the items on my wish and must have list:

A person who isn’t afraid of my scary looks, has had some training experience, and will continue to teach me good boundaries and rules

A backyard to run around in would be so fun!

Another dog is optional – I do like to play a lot so if there is another dog they must be on the younger energetic side

If you think you are the right fit for Marta, please email her Rep, Lori, at

Marta’s ID # is 4719 and her donation amount is $400