Marvel – Adopted!

Meet Marvel, Marty for short.

His story: Marty was born in a backyard in Aug 2016, and that is where he remained until a month or so ago, with his dad. His dad didn’t like him very much or was just bored out of his mind (neither was either physically or mentally challenged, ever) and he would repeatedly go after Marty. When we got him, he came to us with cuts and abrasions all over his body, his skin was covered with crusty flea dirt and dried blood, and he smelled to high heaven, not ever having had a bath. He was also extremely underweight, as his prior owner fed him once daily at best-you could count every rib on his body. He also appeared extremely shut down and submissive, fearful of new dogs and situations.

Fast forward a few weeks. Marty is in a quiet, no other dog home, and adjusting well. Never having had anyone pay any attention to him, he was a blank slate initially but is adjusting well. Typical young pup with no training, he is having to learn all kinds of new things, leash walking being one of them. He is medium to med-high energy and is definitely enjoying his multiple daily walks. Still slow to warm to new people/situations/dogs, he is making great headway, and will shy away from reactive and/or overly aggressive dogs, but will interact very well with appropriate dogs after proper introductions. He is and will remain, very submissive, shying away from a threatening situation, or if not possible, rolling over showing his belly.

Marty behaves well in the home and is for the most part potty trained. He can dribble a little when excited, but that is more of a puppy thing still occurring, as he does it when cowed as well- he will hopefully grow out of this. He has not destroyed or damaged anything in the home or yard, and other than the occasional zoomies, he is content to just chill and nap if he has had his daily dose of exercise. He has his share of velcro-ness, but does display flashes of independence, as well. He is very food motivated, and very eager and willing to please. He seems to learn quickly and is beginning to learn his basic commands with his ever-patient foster family.

Marty is a special guy-an awkward, goofy adolescent, with his big head and adorably crooked front teeth. He is going through many big adjustments right now, and he is learning how to be an indoor pet in a safe, calm environment. He needs to find a family/individual that will continue to work with him, building his confidence and trust. Someone who will be with him much, if not all of the time he has spent enough time alone. A happy, friendly non-threatening canine companion-that would be ideal for him in so many ways. No very young children-they would probably scare him. Although not feline tested, we think they would scare him too. That said, probably ok, ha!