Maya! – Adopted

Meet Maya-Millie. She told us she prefers Maya for short.

She is the most beautiful loving English Cream little lady you’ll ever meet.

Maya was a breeder dog for her first 3 years (That’s why she hates/fears crates) & was rescued & loved for the next 6 by a couple that recently decided she needed more attention than their life was allowing. We were told that she had separation anxiety & diet restrictions with stomach issues.

Currently, Maya is with 2 resident canines and she gets along with them amazingly well with absolutely ZERO anxiety issues. Although the fosters have tested leaving her alone & she has been fine, we feel that having a canine sibling is a must for her.

Maya is housebroken and there hasn’t been a single problem leaving her alone during the day while the fosters are at work. (They do come home for a short visit at lunchtime.)

She lets you know she needs to go outside by standing next to the door until you let her out.

As for the diet restrictions & special food, she was slowly introduced to quality grain free dog food with no problem. She eats regularly and loves when its time to eat. She is not a counter surfer but at times will use her big brown eyes to silently “beg”. She takes handouts gently & has also been given various treats and has had no negative reactions to any of them.

(We kind of point the finger at the Greenies that she was given every night previously)

When she 1st arrived at her new surroundings, she was a bit sad; missing what was familiar to her for the past 6 years. But she quickly adapted to her new friends & family & is the happiest, sweetest girl that lives to be loved. Maya is a Velcro dog that loves attention & affection, she will follow you throughout the house & longs to crawl up onto your lap & let you pet her for hours. She will push her head into you, just to remind you that more pets are welcome & appreciated. She is very mellow and prefers to be inside with her peeps, but she does love to lie outside in the sun and occasionally dig a little if something spurs her interest.

Toys are really of no interest to her, she prefers human contact. And if you have room on the bed at night, she will cuddle all night with you or sleep throughout the night on her dog bed next to your bed.

She enjoys car rides but needs some assistance getting in. A daily visit to the dog park is her ‘happy place.’ She cruises around and has spurts of energy if she finds a dog to play with. She runs to meet other dogs & is great with dogs both big & small and loves to introduce herself with a tail wag to all the humans hoping to get some love & pets.

The fosters nicknamed her ‘the bunny’ because when she runs, she hops like a cute little bunny rabbit. We did actually discover that she has some arthritis in her rear left leg. To keep her comfortable, the vet has suggested that she stay on Carprofen for her arthritis for the foreseeable future. This doesn’t seem to hinder her much but a home without stairs will be best for her.

Although Maya loves to go to the dog park, leash walks are a different story. SHE will tell YOU if she’s done walking by stopping, regardless of the distance traveled. Sweet positive encouragements tend to start her up again, but she can be stubborn & stops and/or sits down.

This makes for a pretty frustrating excursion so alternative exercise should be considered and further leash training is a must.

She is very mild mannered with a low to medium energy level so she doesn’t need a lot of exercise but enough to stimulate her & keep her happy. She has not been introduced to any water or dog beach. She would be good with kids that know how to be gentle with her, cats unknown.

Maya does know & respond to commands: Sit, Bed, Stop & has good recall to Come.

She has been learning to Stay/Wait. She really does want to please.

Maya will bark protectively to let you know when there is someone at the door or on the other side of the fence or just join in and bark “with the pack” but she doesn’t bark excessively.

She doesn’t like loud noises, especially fireworks.

Maya would do best in a semi-active home as she is older & she has a low-medium energy level.

She would prefer a quiet home, with someone home most of the time that just wants to make her the Center of their World.

Message from the Fosters:

We know for a fact that anyone who meets Maya will fall in love instantly (We know from experience). She has all the love in the world to give to her future family and we know she’ll find a wonderful forever home. If you already have dogs and are looking to adopt another low maintenance dog, Maya is the one for you. She is the mellowest, most loving, obedient, and amazing pup and she’ll give you so much joy, love, and affection you won’t be able to resist loving her. An honestly, it will be very hard to give her up.

At 9 years old, the minimum adoption donation for Maya is $350.

Maya’s ID#4183

If you have completed both the online application & your In-Home Interview, please contact & let us know why you would make the best home for Maya.