One year old Mayley is a sweet, affectionate little Golden or Golden mix. Her foster dad says she loves to cuddle and get petted, and is seeking his attention all the time.

Mayley is very puppy-like, as she tends to pick up shoes, socks or whatever is around to play with. She doesn’t destroy or chew any of these things, but she just likes to play with them. Mayley doesn’t fetch yet, but she loves toys and loves chew bones.

Mayley is very social with other dogs and loves to play, play, play! She can play a little rough, so her ideal playmate would be a dog around her size or larger and with similar energy. We feel that she should have another dog in the home to get out some of her puppy exuberance playing together.

Mayley isn’t very tall, but if she can reach food, she will. She is a bit of a “counter surfer.” Because she can act a bit frenetically and is the typical “mouthy” pup, she probably won’t work for children under 7 years old. Mayley is too young to be left alone all day, so a home where there is someone around a lot of the time would be best for her.

Foster dad says Mayley will jump onto his bed or couch to cuddle ‘uninvited.’ He finally gave up and let her sleep with him and his Lab/Golden, Skippy, after the 3rd day. Sometimes she will sleep on the dog bed.

Mayley was a stray at the shelter, so we don’t know her past. She may have been an outside dog, since she needed to be house-trained. Foster dad has been alternating crating when gone, and taking her out every 2-3 hours to potty. This has been a success as there haven’t been any accidents in the home since the first day or so.

Mayley is still learning to “sit” and “stay” and she still needs work learning to walk on the leash. Foster dad says she is just too excited like a puppy, and never walks in a straight line! Mayley is not possessive with toys or food but if given the chance, she will eat Skippy’s food and treats when he’s not looking.

Mayley had a seizure on the first night after an excited play session with her new foster brother. She was brought back to the Vet for 24 hours of monitoring. All her vitals are fine and there has not been another episode since then. Medication is not being recommended at this time.