Meet adorable little Mayweather, aka Maggie May. This affectionate little cutie is a mini-version of a Flat Coated Retriever.

She’s a puppy of about 6 months and she is playful but also calm for her age. She listens to commands very well. Mayweather is the typical puppy when she is inquisitive and nosy with a knack for getting into things. She plays fetch, and is learning the art of tug a bit, although she really enjoys spending time just chewing on a Nylabone or licking your face.

She is not a super-high energy dog and is well suited to being a part of a loving family, especially since she thinks she is supposed to be a lap dog and loves to sit quietly next to you just cuddling!

Mayweather is from the shelter so we don’t know her past. She is a little possessive of her food around other dogs so she might do best being the only dog in the home for now. She does love playing with her foster fur-brother and curls up near him for naps. So if fed separately and with some training, she may be just fine having a live-in dog buddy.

Mayweather is just about housebroken, her foster mom is working on it with her. She does make it through the night without having any accidents or she will wake you to go outside if needed.

Dog savvy kids over seven would probably be fine. We do not know about cats.