Meet McClintock and his new Family!

Hi, my name is McClintock and my foster mom says I am a real sweet boy.
For my first 8 months I was in a great loving home. We moved to a smaller place and my mom and dad always had to work and I had to stay in a crate. They wanted bigger and better things for me, so here I am. I am still a puppy, but a big one!

I am very well behaved. I am potty trained and crate trained, although I have spent so much time in one, I would like to not be in one so much. I love to play. I would love a house with another dog, maybe with energy too. Tug is one of my favorite games with my foster brothers . I love water and would be happy going to the beach or playing in the pool.

Because I am still a big puppy, I could use some gentle training. I am fine with cats, although if one runs I may want to chase it. I like to cuddle and rub up against you. I have never lived with kids, but I am ok with dog savvy children. I may get excited and my size could accidentially knock them over. I walk well on a leash and just an all around loving boy.

McClintock found his new forever home!