Meet McShayne. He is a very small mix and could actually be the lap dog that the big Golden’s aspire since he probably weighs in at about 30 pounds. He loves to cuddle, he really loves belly rubs, has the Golden lean down pat and is so ready for his forever home.

He is smart and eager to please, so he learns very quickly. He is housebroken, knows basic commands and is working on learning more. He does well in the car and likes to go for rides. He loves to go for walks but is just now learning how to behave while on his leash.

He has a couple of bad habits – he barks at unknown noises and people, but calms down quickly when you tell him it is okay. He enjoys counter surfing but is starting to figure out it is not as cool as he originally thought. He is very possessive of his chew toys. Because of that possessiveness he would not be good in a home with small children. He will continue to flourish with patience and consistent training.