Meet Melina and her new Family!

Meet Miss Melina…a typical 4 month old puppy who couldn’t get much cuter if she tried! She has a heart of gold and a mouth full of puppy teeth that are rapidly falling out. This means Melina wants to chew a lot, but she is more than willing to chew toys instead of your belongings. Her favorites so far are rope toys and a Puppy Kong with peanut butter filling. She is excellent in her crate, sleeping 8 hours through the night. Her potty training is going well. Her foster family reports no accidents!

Melina is spunky and energetic. She loves going on long walks, and does well with the help of a Gentle Leader. She has also learned to swim and really enjoys it! Keeping Melina well exercised will make for both a happy puppy and a happy owner! Melina also loves romping with her foster dog siblings, and is just now figuring out that retrieving is fun.

Her foster family is working with her on household manners and boundaries. She still jumps a bit, but is starting to sit automatically at doorways and to get attention. She willingly does the commands of ‘sit’ and ‘down’ with a treat. She is getting better every day with the ‘leave it’ command as well as ‘wait.’

Melina is very interested in cats and birds. She will probably want to chase them until she is taught not to. That goes for bicycles and skateboards as well. She gets a little spooked around loud, noisy things like trash trucks. Melina needs continued obedience training and guidance to reach her full potential. She will flourish in a household with rules, guidance, an experienced puppy owner, and a great deal of patience. When she is tired, she is an absolute cuddle bug.

Melina found her new forever home!